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The site doesn’t look okay?
There are many versions of Internet Explorer as well as other web browsers. If the site appears to be distorted, click on the COMPABILITY VIEW button at the top of the browser.


Does my site have to be about the Victorian, Edwardian, and Civil War Eras?
Your site must be related in any way with those Eras, or with some related page related in order to be approved. In this last case the URL to be registered would be the page focused to it. Commercial, historical, educative, etc. related sites are accepted.

Are sites of any part of the world accepted?
Worldwide sites are accepted. Please at signing up use the direct URL of your site' English version if available.

When I join the Topsites, is it necessary to enter a banner URL?
This Topsites doesn’t use banners in the ranking, just your site title and description text, so you can leave it blank. All banners that you see in the site are paid (Click on "Advertise with US" at the site upper menu to know benefices and details).

I got an error message when entered the Verification Text?
Carefully enter numbers and letters in the same order and exactly as they are.
If you get an error message, refresh (reload) the page in order to reset it. Enter again your data and try this time with the new verification text displayed.

When would my site be “active” on the ranking to start to go up?
Once your site was approved to be in the ranking, it become active after you have added into its home page the HTML button code sent to the email address you used for registration, uploaded the site changes and clicked once on the personalized button.

I registered a site but I don’t find it listed at the ranking?
We recommend to look for it carefully reaching the bottom because the ranking is long. It may even has several pages.
Also remember that all sites will be revised before approval according to that we have indicated into the first two questions of this section.
We also reserve the right to delete any site that has been inactive for a log time having zero hits. This is mainly because you have not inserted the button on the site home page to monitor and count the site hits, so we strongly suggest to do it.

What about email privacy?

When signing up you must provide us your valid and actual email address that you are able to check due you will receive important instructions of how to get the most from having a free text ad in our listing. We assure you that your email address will not be shared with either sold to third parties in any way. However when signing up you accept that we eventually we could send you some information about the Topsites itself or any other topic that we consider will be of your interest.


What is the ID?
Your ID is the correlative number that our system assigned to your site when you made the registration and which identifies it for all the tasks you want to do with your free text advertisement.

I don’t know how to get the ID?
The easiest way to know your ID is to put the mouse arrow over the personalized button you have already added to your site home page.
If you haven’t added the button yet, look for your site title in the listing and put the mouse arrow over it.
In both cases a linking URL similar to this one:
will be showed at the bottom bar of your browser window. This is your linking URL and the number that appears at the end of that URL is your ID; In the above sample, the ID is 235.

Other way to know your ID is clicking on the “Search” button at the upper menu of the listing and entering your site name or title. The site ID, URL and other data will be showed.
You can also get your ID clicking over the five squares that are at the right of your site text description. A new window will be opened with your ID number and other data of your site.



Is it really necessary to add the personalized button on the site?
Yes, it’s needed as a condition to have your site listed as a free advertisement.
Besides, it is a tracking button which allows to count the visits it produces from the page where it was inserted making your site going up in the listing which means better position and better visit chances to your site from other visitors of the guide

Why is the button personalized?
The button is personalized because it is associated with your ID which is unique in our system.
A sample of this button is:

Victorian Era Lovers, Biggest guide of Victorian, Edwardian and Civil War sites

What is HTML?
The HTML is the code used for web editing that has the script commands to show your personalized button once added in your site home page.
An example of HTML is:
<imgsrc="" border="0"></a>

Where mayI get my personalized HTML?
This HTML was sent to the email address you used for registration at the same moment you did it.
But other way to get it once again is clicking on the “Lost Code” button found on the upper menu and entering your ID.

How to add the personalized button in my site home page?
Copy on the clipboard the complete HTML code and paste it in the appropriate place of your site code.
If you use Dreamweaver© or a similar web editing program, these instructions could be very useful for you:

- Open the home page with your web editing program.
- Put the cursor in the middle of the place where the button will be added.
- Right click mouse and look for the “insert HTML” command.
- Click on it and a page note will open, if it already has these symbols < >, delete them.
- Paste the code on it and hit enter.
- Save page changes and upload the new page to the server replacing the old one.

However, if above instructions are hard for you, it’s strongly recommended you request your webmaster to do this task.

You may also add the button just as an image linked to the URL with your ID as explained below.

Why when I added the HTML only a script was showed?
This happens when the HTML is inserted as a text instead of as a HTML code. You must add it just using the “insert HTML” tool of your web editing program.

Why when I added the HTML just an X instead the button is showed?
This is due mainly for two reasons:
The HTML was copied and/or pasted wrongly,
Our Topsites is momentarily down.

How to add the button as an image linked to my URL ID?
If you want your site to climb up in the listing and can't add the HTML code, you should add the above button image sample (save it in your PC) in your site and link it to your URL ID.
where XXXX is the ID of your site in our system).

You may see your URL ID at the automatic email we sent you with the HTML code when you signed up.

Add the linked image in your more visited page of your site (Usually the Home Page) in order to get better positions in the listing.

Once it is added, please click on it in order to activate your ID in our system and start to climb.


How to go up in the ranking?
The best and honest way to go up in the ranking is to insert your personalized button in as many site pages as you can besides the home page. This way, all enters that each of these pages has will be counted by our Topsites making your site to go up. Besides, there are more chances that your visitors click on your button adding votes to your site counter.

What about cheating clicks?
We really have many forms to detect cheated clicks and any site that is found using this indecent practice will be immediately deleted from the ranking. So please, don’t try it.


What if I forgot the Password entered when registration was made?
Just click on the “Lost Password” button, introduce your ID and submit. A link will be sent instantly to the email you used for registration. Click on it and enter a new password. It will be active immediately.

Note: Some ISP´s block emails with this kind of links. If you don’t receive the email, please contact us for helping you



I want to change the data entered in my initial registration?
You can change your site data and email address as many times as you want. Just click on the “Edit Member Info” and enter your ID and Password. Make the changes you wish in the form and enter once again your current Password or a new one if you also want to change it.

We reserve the right to change and/or edit your site url, title and description.

May I change the URL?
No, the URL you entered in can’t be changed; however you can make a new registration for the new URL you wish to register.
If you register a new URL, you must add to its home page the HTML button code you will receive by email so it can receive and count the votes when somebody clicked on it.


Does this Topsites have statistical information about the registered sites?
You can find statistics of all the sites by clicking on the five little squares located at the right of each site description text. These squares are filled from 1 to 5 according to the rate average of the site.
Once into the stats page you will find a lot of data within the last five days, classified into 6 parameters:

Unique Hits In
Total Hits In
Unique Hits Out
Total Hits Out

allowing you to have a traffic view of your site or any other one.


What it is the purpose of this section?
In this section Topsites visitors can rate your site from 1 to 5 which will be reflected in the color of the 5 squares besides your site description text in the ranking.
Visitors can also write and insert its own commentary as a review of the site visited. We ask site owners not to rate their sites or to write reviews by themselves.
We reserved the right to edit and/or delete any comment with bad or offensive intentions.


Do you accept link swapping?
You can add your site link in our Topsites for free clicking on the “Join” button and no reciprocal linking is requested. However, if you wish to have our link in your site please click on “Link to us” where you will find all the necessary info to do it. Besides, we would be very grateful.


What if I want to have a banner in this Topsites?
Although to have your site title and description text listed in the ranking is a free advertisement, to have a banner is optional and paid. And that is how we can maintain the Topsites up in the web!!!
Please click on the “Advertise with us” button to get full information about the advantages of having a banner on this Topsites.


I have another question that isn’t mentioned above?
If you have any other question or doubt which is not answered in this section, feel free to email us.
Our email address is at